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bernette 79 Yaya Han Edition


Renowned cosplay personality and author Yaya Han has designed this inspired beauty for your sewing, quilting and embroidering pleasure. 


With the same base functionality as the bernette 79, the Yaya Han edition has many extras to aid you in your sewing fantasies.


This machine’s design and functionality lends itself to:

  • Sewing
  • Quilting
  • Embroidery – with the included embroidery module

Amongst many other affordable qualities, the b79 Yaya Han offers you:

  • Language selection
  • USB interface
  • Knee lever
  • On board tutorial
  • Toolbox editing and lettering module
  • Speed Control
  • A 2 year electronic and 2 year mechanical factory guarantee


  • 65 special embroidery motifs built in
  • PLUS 3 exclusive DESIGNS
  • Decorative sewing feet kit
  • CREATOR 9 software


These extras are valued at over R23 000

For your easy reference, you can investigate the features in the brochure and video below.

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